UTA CASH introduction

UTA CASH introduction

Digital Currency

  • Encrypted digital currency can be traded in worldwide
  • No intermediaries (e.g. banks) in trade, which enable individuals to trade without any bank fees
  • Increased in partner branches and ATMs enable people to trade off conveniently in worldwide.

※ New era of digital currency arises of bitcoin, which was based on mathematical encrypted algorithm method (sha 256) created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Digital Currency and the Future

World financial institutions are paying attention on the new digital currency

Digital currency is not regarded as future imaginary currency, rather it is already been used in our daily life.


In USA, Canada, Germany, Swiss and England trade with digital currency as equal function as their national currency and they also impose the tax.


The digital currency is tradable and exchangeable online and mobile service as other retail banks offer.

USA stance on the digital currency

“A risk could be exploited in money laundering, but digital currency in a long-term role can be exercised in different areas.”
“Recognized as the currency between individuals.”
Ben Bernanke former FRB
“Virtual money is provided in legal and financial services and potential to promote international commerce.”
Mythili Raman U.S Deputy Ministry of Justice

Financial Network

The world’s first collaboration with digital currency and financial services

UTA Network
UTA Cash Talk

UTA Cash Talk provides SNS, coin trading and banking transfer transaction, shopping mall and service delivery.

Comparison with UTA Cash and Bit Coin
UTA CASH (UTAC) Classification Bit coin
X13 Algorithm SHA256 POW algorithm
5,000,000,000 UTC Total Mining Q`ty 21 Million BTC
7.6 x 0.0125, 100 years after 129,600 block Block Compensation Early 4 years 50 BTC / Afterwards 25 BTC
60secs Block Time 10mins
126,000 Level Adjustment 2016 block per unit
Bottom of Step 6 Current Level Level10
Virtual Currency Business Comparison
UTA Cash Classification Other Coin companies
Mining coin payment Method Third-party coin
Worldwide public exchange Exchange Type Membership of Trade
Available third-party coin trading Trade Type Trading only its own coin래
UTA Cash Coin Issuance Third Party Coin

UTA Cash Service Group

UTA Cash’s style of high quality service group

Coin Trading

Connection of the international coin exchange centers with UTA Cash

UTA Cash Shopping Mall

Purchase every products online with UTA Cash

ATM and Exchange

UTA Cash ATM installed Operation in currency exchange stores

Uta Talk

SNS, Cash and Coin transfer (Buy or Sell)

UTA Cash Branch

Stores in domestic and international accept UTA Cash

UTA Cash Shop Internet Shopping Mall

World Luxury Products


Largest Top Quality

Up to 10 million or more products to treat global shopping mall

Variety of language support

Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese support to UTA Cash for purchase through currency of each country(Portugal language will be available).

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

Withdraw cash with UTA Cash

All UTA Cash branches will install UTA Cash EFTPOS machine. UTA Cash ATM machine will be installed in world wide

Installed in Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia

UTA Cash credit card and cheque card for UTA Cash users

There are full of incentives on UTA Cash card

Good Time Life of Profit Structure

Profit maximization from increase the value of UTA Cash and through FX trading.

Value Appreciation in UTA Cash

Purchase of the world coin buyers increase the value of UTA Cash. High revenue expectations.

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